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Electronics - General Information

Production technology
Precise, by hand and High-Tech

Electronics for all sectors

We deliver quality products on-time and in the correct quantity, according to customer specifications and also support product development. In production, we apply our abilities and technical know-how gathered over many years: from tried-and-tested processes such as reflow and wave soldering and high-quality handwork to CAD and automatic placement technology (SMD also in size 0204). All products must pass intermediate optical checks as well as in-circuit tests under real application conditions for the final inspection.

Examples of general specifications

  • Budget specifications
  • Installation space
  • Degree of complexity of component types
  • Size specifications of the components (miniaturization)
  • Thermal properties of the power components
  • Desired arrangement of components
  • Electro-magnetic tolerance standards
  • RoHS-conformity

Our products

  • Logic components
  • Power components
  • Components for radio remote controls
  • Terminal equipment with integrated components

All products and technologies are subject to strict testing criteria and controls. They comply with common
EU directives as well as ISO standards.

Our strengths
Production technology

Electronic products, depending on their structure and component type, require suitable production technology and demand precise work by man and machine.